Benznet, established in 2010 by Bennie Lopez Jr., is dedicated to providing premium shared hosting accessible to all. Under the leadership of Bennie Lopez Jr., our active Chief Technology Officer, Benznet has flourished, offering an innovative virus-free cloud hosting platform with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Our journey has been influenced by the vision of Jonathan Ray Pena, Chief Brand Officer whose legacy continues to shape Benznet's unique and transparent approach. Jonathan's commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency has been pivotal in crafting Benznet's distinct image. With an extremely dedicated commitment to excellence, Benznet has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). As we evolve, we honor Jonathan's memory by preserving his legacy and ensuring seamless operations, while staying true to the values he instilled in our company.

A Unique Cloud Hosting Platform

Designed by some of the top specialists you can get, our cloud hosting platform operates properly irrespective of what website you want to manage there or the amount of co–occurring guests are checking your website. Additionally, it can deal with just about any DDoS attack. Because of this, we will confidently provide you with 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means that your sites will always be on the web and will continue to serve site visitors regardless of what occurs on the server.

Hepsia File Manager

The Control Panel

Site managing has always been something problematic for brand new users, because it requires a significant learning curve. So we introduced an user friendly Control Panel. We designed it as matching as it can be to common resources end users use in their routine interactions with their computers. By doing so there’s a very little learning curve.

And also, we have incorporated quite a few additional tools, which can help you secure and boost your active site’s overall performance or set up a brand new website in no time.

Hepsia File Manager

Looking For Support

At Benznet, we understand the importance of reliable support in managing our web hosting platform. That's why our dedicated team of skilled technicians is available 24/7, ensuring that any support issues are promptly addressed. We honestly do recommend everyone using our support ticketing system in your Hepsia control panel. This allows us to assist everyone is a more formal and organized manor, while being able to maintain an avg response time of 65 min. We also understand that there are sometimes emergencies that may happen. When that happens call our office number at (210) 596 - 9462. We will assit you in ensuring you understand the answers to your question and or support have been completed as quickly as possible. This is why we always recommend the first contact option however, any is your choice.

Hepsia File Manager

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